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Uses: Aids in the prevention of bovine pneumonia caused by Mannheimia haemolytica Type A1.

Key Features:
  • Helps protect against the primary cause of respiratory death in cattle, shipping fever and pneumonia caused by Mannheimia haemolytica Type A1.
  • Contains killed bacterial culture plus a toxoid.
  • Produces leukotoxin and whole-cell antibody responses, helping provide protection needed to withstand Mannheimia haemolytica challenge.
  • Single subcutaneous (SC) dose is 2 mL.
Safety and EfficacyOne Shot is considered safe in cattle of all ages. Following vaccination, animals remained alert and exhibited no signs of pain or soreness. The product was observed to cause moderate swelling at the injection site in some animals, primarily in dairy calves. Resolution occurred in most cases within 14-28 days; while in a few animals, small swelling was noticeable 60 days post vaccination.  Efficacy of One Shot was demonstrated in challenge-of-immunity studies. Cattle (400-550 lb) vaccinated with one dose of One Shot were subjected to severe experimental challenge at two weeks post vaccination with a heterologous strain of Mhaemolytica type A1. Six days post-challenge, animals were necropsied and individual lungs were evaluated for lung damage and lesions characteristic of M. haemolytica type A1 infection. Subcutaneous vaccinates demonstrated statistically significant reduction in lung damage compared to placebo controls.